Tent, Plastic, acrylic on PE canvas, 110 x 100 cm, 2017

Untitled, mixed media on canvas, 110 x 100 cm,  2017

Violent borders,  mixed media on canvas, 110 x 100 cm,2017


Lorenzo Valverde was born in 1961 in Barcelona, Spain, where he studied Art and Art Theory at the University of  Barcelona. Since 1996 he lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

From the beginning, his works are far from the most traditional techniques of painting. He incorporates new found objects or uses "humble" materials from great centers of industrial materials. He often cuts the canvas from the image, constructing the image from pieces of canvas or other objects. He composes and "breaks" the canvas to avoid an aesthetic aftertaste.

Lorenzo Valverde paints in oil, but also uses industrial enamel, metal, cardboard, plastic or anything else that catches his eye. Categories in general, or definitions such as painting or sculpture do not interest him. Its only interest is the artistic process. And if there is fortune, a poetic gleam appears in the work.     

His paintings are found in international museums and collections.